Counter Strike 1.6 is a professional tournament game that was released back in the year 2000 and today it can still be seen topping the charts as the most popular of all shooters. The CS 1.6 download is an interesting pick to have fun with friends. CS 1.6 is a shooter game that plays in the team. It involves two rival teams – the terrorists and the counter terrorists. The challenge is to either complete the card you choose or to destroy the enemy. The plots differ depending on the card you choose to play. To make things interesting, the player is provided with money for purchasing arms, assignment equipment and ammunition to assist in the quest to destroy the enemy during the assignment. Clearance: A counter terrorist is supposed to prevent explosion from the terrorist attacks which produce feed exploding a bomb in a specific place or just ensure to eliminate all terrorists. Also rescue hostages who were captured and take them to the evacuation zone. On the terrorist’s kill feed, they are to kill a very important person (VIP). Therefore at this stage the task is to safely rescue the VIP and take him to the safe zone.

Learn how to download Counter Strike 1.6 games

Before you download CS 1.6, it’s important to know what this game is all about. In Counter strike, there are groups engaging in gun battle namely the terrorists and counter terrorists. The player can join any group and so he can join the terrorists, and he has the mandate of eliminating all the counter terrorists and vice versa. For every terrorist or counter terrorist that is gunned down, the player earns some points in the form of money. You can use the money you have earned to buy more weapons. This means that the fewer points you have, the fewer weapons will be available for you. Install the Counter Strike 1.6 download and enjoy the game! You also need to talk to teammates to get the best experience out of the game, general voice chat is usually quite toxic so get use dedicated solution like TeamSpeak to get the most out of the game. Install TeamSpeak for Free, Join a Free TeamSpeak Server, and Join a Counter Strike Server.

What requirements are needed to make your system suitable for CS 1.6?

To have the CS 1.6 download on your computer, you should have a system with CPU that has a clock speed of 800MHz or higher. Your system should have a RAM capacity of 128MB and free disk space of 650MB with a 32MB card. For you to not have any compatibility issues, it will function best on windows XP, windows Vista, windows 7 and windows 8 operating system. The maybe obvious ones will include a mouse, keyboard and good internet access.

If after all these you do not know how to play and would like to get some tips to get you started, go to the internet and read the “how to play Counter-strike 1.6” article. From there, you can enjoy the fascinating Counter Strike 1.6 Download. While not strictly a requirement, some people may consider the use of VoIP programs like TeamSpeak to be essential to get the most out of the game.

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And a few more stuff about Counter Strike

Counter Strike 1.6 (also known as CS 1.6) is a shooting game created by Valve and wide-spread with the Steam platform. CS has experienced a great deal of changes from half-life mode however additionally has enlargement as Global Offensive, Conditon Zero and Source.
There are 2 groups within the Counter Strike who fight to accomplish the mission. The 2 groups are Terrorists and Counter-terrorists, and they need completely different missions.
The goals of each groups differ from the game map. On the maps with the bomb, counters have to be compelled to take the bomb and therefore the terrorists to place and keep it. On the maps with hostages, counts should save the hostages and therefore the terrorists to forestall them from doing thus. A team wins when accomplish the mission or defeat all members of the opponent team.